November 2023

Navigating the Changing Landscape of Underused Housing Tax in Whistler, Canada

Posted on Nov 15, 2023

The Canadian real estate market has seen its fair share of transformations, and one area that continues to undergo changes is the underused housing tax (UHT). While the rules surrounding this tax have been challenging to interpret, it's crucial for property owners, especially foreign ones, to stay informed about the latest updates. In this blog pos...

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Whistler's Market, Cornucopia Festival, and Snowflakes on the Horizon ❄️

Posted on Nov 10, 2023


As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of snow and prepare for the winter wonderland that Whistler transforms into, Whistler's real estate market is gaining some momentum. If you've been considering a move, now might be the ideal time to explore the opportunities Whistler has to offer.

Whether you are in the market to buy, sell, or jus...

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