The Whistler Autumn Market | Gratitude & Giving

This Thanksgiving weekend I was blessed to spend a few days down at my mom and step-dad's farm in Washington state. In my family, we celebrate two Thanksgiving holidays. One for my mom's side of the family (the Canadians) and next month's holiday in November to celebrate my step dad's country (the Americans). You'll hear no complaints from me; double the occasions means double the turkey!

And as the weather cools I love digging out the rainboots, and sweaters. The changing of the seasons always makes me feel contemplative and this month I am full of gratitude. I haven't always lived in such a beautiful part of the world. Like all of us, life has dished out its fair share of valleys and mountains. But today I am grateful for the mountains in my life ...real and symbolic :)

In these challenging economic and politically unsettling times, it's truly an honour to be your trusted advisor and to provide you with support in your unique real estate journey. And while my support can look very different from person to person, my goal is that my 'white glove' service level remains the same. Thank you for your trust and support.

The Market
Stepping into the Fall we are seeing a significant slowdown in sales in Whistler and Pemberton. As I write this, the last 7 days in Whistler saw 32 new listings and only 12 sold properties. And that trend was consistent throughout September. When looking at Months of Inventory (my favorite key metric for identifying market activity) Whistler was sitting on 8 months of real estate inventory, the slowest month this year was January clocking in at 10 months of inventory. For some context, a balanced market is 3-5 months of inventory, and an active (or seller's market) is 0-2 months of inventory.

Pemberton saw an even slower market with 14 months of inventory recorded in September and the slowest month this year was in July at 37 months of inventory--Wow!!